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July 14, 2023

Unlock the Full Business Value with o9 AI/ML Capabilities

In this video, we discuss the four key challenges that prevent companies from unlocking the full business value of their AI/ML capabilities. We then discuss how the o9 Digital Brain platform can help companies overcome these challenges and achieve better decision making.

The four challenges are:
1. Lack of a solid data foundation. Many companies have not been able to create a common data model to make sense of their data. This results in data silos, which prevent data-driven insights from reaching decision-makers.
2. Disconnect between data, data scientists, and decision makers. In many companies, there is a disconnect between the people who own the data, the people who develop AI/ML models, and the people who make decisions. This disconnect prevents data-driven insights from being used to make better decisions.
3. Lack of extensibility in the underlying data and technology. Many AI/ML projects fail to scale beyond the proof of concept stage because they are not built on extensible data and technology platforms. This makes it difficult to add new data sources and models, and to adapt the platform to changing business requirements.
4. Lack of a clear roadmap for AI/ML adoption. Many companies do not have a clear roadmap for AI/ML adoption. This results in ad hoc projects that are not aligned with the company's overall business goals.

The o9 Digital Brain platform can help companies overcome these challenges by providing a single platform for data integration, data modeling, AI/ML development, and decision making. The platform is built on a scalable and extensible architecture, and it provides a clear roadmap for AI/ML adoption.

The big data boom has led global enterprises across industries to invest heavily in AI/ML capabilities. But despite their investments, many companies struggle to unlock the full business value of these capabilities for four key reasons. The first reason is that while AI/ML is a powerful technology, it can't solve business problems by itself. For AI /ML to generate business value, companies must first develop the right use cases and embed the right technology into the business workflows to improve decision making.

The second reason is that while data may be abundant, many companies have not been able to create a common data model to make sense of it. A lack of a solid data foundation results in creating one off data extracts and spending enormous amounts of time stitching data together. The third reason is that in many companies there is a disconnect between data, data scientists and decision makers. This disconnect prevents data driven insights from reaching decision makers and prevents the decision makers feedback from improving the data behind the insights.

The fourth reason is that many companies pilot projects often fail to scale beyond the proof of concept due to a lack of extensibility in the underlying data and technology. While some companies will spend years building their AI/ML capabilities in-house to try to solve these problems our customers are leveraging our platform to get a head start. The o9 Digital Brain platform has three layers that transform your data into knowledge and knowledge into decisions. The data layer provides a versatile integration framework with certified adapters and performs cleanup and harmonization of the data to improve data quality.

In the data layer our platform connects to your data lake and your many source systems to load business purpose data into our enterprise knowledge graph. A preceded industry specific data model tailored to your business. The Enterprise Knowledge graph or EKG layer organizes and connects the dots between your data using proprietary graph cube technology, significantly speeding up data processing and cleansing. The EKG layer then uses advanced analytics to generate a true digital twin of your business that provides you with actionable knowledge about each node in the end-to-end network.

The decisions layer provides you with two capabilities. The first allows your data science teams to design their own AI/ML algorithms using Python, R and Pyspark or utilizes o9's out of the box analytics for faster time to value and quickly scale them beyond proof of concept to impact the business. The second allows users to create custom workflows and screens alongside our platform's existing solutions. powered by your data scientists algorithms on one integrated platform with collaboration tools, NLP capabilities and user access management.

All the functionalities that a best decision making platform needs. The three layers of our platform connect data engineers, data scientists and business users in one platform, closing the loop to push better decision making. As an existing client, you have already built a rich data foundation and workflows on the o9 platform. Let's continue our journey by enhancing these workflows and building new ones powered by your data science teams expertise.

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