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December 1, 2023

Insights from Tata Steel’s Digitalization Journey

Gain insights, best practices, and inspiration
from Tata Steel’s digital transformation journey.

O9 whitepaper chemical control towers mockup

Chemical Control Towers: How predictive sensing and response capabilities conquer volatile markets

Read how Supply Chain Control Towers elevate a chemicals companies’ decision-making processes.

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Kyowa Kirin’s Digital Control Tower Journey

27 min
Kyowa kirin’s digital control tower journey thumbnail

One supply chain platform for integrated downstream operators

O9 whitepaper integrated downstream mockup

Why Digital Transformation is Crucial for Modern Supply Chains

19 min
Why digital transformation is crucial for modern supply chains thumbnail

Petrochemical Control Towers

O9 whitepaper petrochemical control tower 2209 whitepaper supply mockup 1

How Generative AI Enhances Operational Efficiency and Consumer Engagement

27 min
How generative ai enhances operational efficiency and consumer engagement thumbnail

Short and Mid-term Supply Chain Planning

32 min
Short and mid term supply chain planning thumbnail
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