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December 1, 2023

How Samsung SDS Drives Digital Transformation

Haegoo Song shares best practices from helping clients
integrate manual planning processes on one platform.

The Takeaways:

1. Digital transformation can address long-standing business challenges in supply chain management through better data gathering, processing, analysis, and publishing. Companies can leverage new technologies to improve decision-making, speed, accuracy, and execution hit rate.

2. Inter-enterprise optimization and scenario planning are two main business challenges that digital transformation can address. Inter-enterprise optimization is about better collaboration, communication, and information-sharing within the enterprise. Scenario planning refers to the ability to run planning simulations against pre-defined or on-the-fly scenarios faster.

3. High-quality data management is a prerequisite for digital transformation, as the quality of the data will determine the quality of the transformation. Companies must extract high-quality data from an ocean of raw data, which requires the right tools, processes, and people.

4. Samsung SDS successfully implemented the o9 platform to systemize Excel-based, highly manual planning processes, reducing planning lead times by 20%, minimizing manual planning adjustments by 40%, and reducing the resolution lead time for minor reports or UI adjustments by 70%.

5. Samsung SDS and o9 have a unique partnership model that includes cloud infrastructure provisioning, a mutual reseller and consulting partnership, and formal independent software vendor status, enabling them to offer comprehensive SCM solutions to customers.

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