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December 1, 2023

How Google Achieved Touchless Planning

Learn how Google leverages next-generation technology to
achieve almost 100% touchless planning for its Nest devices.

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Brand manufacturers and retailers are moving to a direct-to-consumer (D2C) model faster than ever

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Generating a Clearer Picture of Volatile Demand

24 min
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Planning Imperatives for Efficient Growth

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Transforming planning and decision-making in brand manufacturing

21 min
Transforming planning and decision making in brand manufacturing thumbnail

Planning for CPG Companies in an Era of Exponential Change

31 min
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Embracing a Platform-Based Approach to IT in the Digital Age

40 min
Embracing a platform based approach to it in the digital age thumbnail

A Fireside Chat with Former La-Z-Boy CSCO and COO Darrell Edwards

21 min
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3 CPG Leaders Share How to Transform Successfully

57 min
3 cpg leaders share how to transform successfully thumbnail

Driving greater efficiency in decision-making and execution at PepsiCo

26 min
Driving greater efficiency in decision making and execution at pepsico thumbnail

The future of trade promotions

O9 whitepaper rgm trade promotions 2 mockup

Solving Supply Chain Challenges with the o9 Digital Brain

22 min
Solving supply chain challenges with the o9 digital brain thumbnail

How o9 Solutions is helping Arla Foods transform its revenue management

4 min
Auto draft thumbnail

Why the Future of CPG Supply Chains is Autonomous

52 min
Why the future of cpg supply chains is autonomous thumbnail
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