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December 1, 2023

Haleon’s Digital Transformation Story as Told by its CSCO

Haleon’s Chief Supply Chain Officer provides insights from the
company’s transformation journey spurred by its demerger from GSK.

The Takeaways:

1. Bart highlighted the importance of ensuring that employees understand their roles in the de-merger process, which took place during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having a clear roles and responsibilities framework and a strong global team can ensure clarity and coordination across the organization during times of change.

2. Haleon's supply chain required transformation to become more agile and consumer-focused, as its previous systems were not designed for this new business model. Haleon's shift towards a consumer-oriented approach required an IBP capability, scenario planning, and shorter lead times, which the company achieved through a digital transformation program supported by the o9 platform.

3. The digital transformation has started across three locations—Italy, China, and the US—to accommodate Haleon's different market models, with plans to expand to other markets. Having a strong central team to define the program and a strong local team to drive implementation locally were both crucial to the transformation's success.

4. Haleon tracks the progress of its digital transformation through various measures, including financial and operational metrics. This helps the company stay on track toward achieving its objectives and adapting to its new business model.

5. Bart emphasized the importance of involving local teams in the execution process and ensuring that resources are allocated early on in the transformation journey. Testing and learning in a safe space can also help companies make progress toward their digital transformation goals.

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