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December 1, 2023

Creating New Business Models with Digitalization

Explore how Marubeni has created new business models
through digitalization, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency.

O9 use case ai forcasting mockup

How AI/ML rapidly improves your forecast accuracy

Read our use cases and understand how industry leaders achieved more accuracy in planning.

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What Is Your Demand Planning Model Structure?

4 min
What is your demand planning model structure? thumbnail

The Aftermovie: aim10x live London

1 min
The aftermovie: aim10x live london thumbnail

Why Is Demand Planning Important?

2 min
Why is demand planning important? thumbnail

The Aftermovie: aim10x live Singapore

2 min
The aftermovie: aim10x live singapore thumbnail

Transformative IBP: the Executive Guide

O9 ibp white paper short version mockup

Setting up for Next-Generation Planning Success

59 min
Setting up for next generation planning success thumbnail
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