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December 1, 2023

Building the Next-Generation Enterprise Platform

o9 Solutions’ Chief Product Officer does a deep dive into the technical side of
enabling next-generation planning and decision-making.

The Takeaways:

1. Enterprises face significant challenges in implementing digital transformations due to the presence of planning silos and the need to cater to customers in different industry segments. Implementing a digital transformation requires integrating planning processes and breaking down these silos.

2. Next-generation planning and decision-making requires a “digital brain” that connects planning processes and enterprises. The digital brain collects real-time data from various sources, uses advanced AI/ML analytics for demand analysis, and generates what-if scenarios to analyze risks and opportunities. Real-time collaboration capabilities enable stakeholders to connect and make decisions in real-time.

3. The Enterprise Knowledge Graph Technology (EKG) powers the o9 Digital Brain, and it can connect different types of data structures for real-time propagation, integrate data lakes, and convert big data into knowledge models that can be used for planning and decision-making. The EKG also provides intelligence capabilities such as predictive intelligence, prescriptive intelligence, and learning intelligence.

4. To achieve a successful transformation, enterprises need to focus on speed, quality, and flexibility. The o9 platform and EKG provide this by looking for common business model characteristics and best practices across different industries. This approach enables businesses to scale and supports various business needs while maintaining standardization features.

5. The enterprise decision map is crucial for integrating and optimizing decisions across planning cycles and processes. The EKG enables modeling the digital twin of an enterprise and representing key decisions made at each step of the process. This approach helps stakeholders understand how decisions impact different processes and helps identify areas for improvement.

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10 Steps for Setting Up an Effective Transformative IBP Process

Revitalize your IBP meetings with our concise 10-step guide, designed to transform decision-making and inject dynamic momentum into your business strategy.

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