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December 1, 2023

AB InBev’s E2E Planning Journey with o9 Solutions

— Through strategic partnership with o9 Solutions, AB InBev accelerated its supply chain transformation, capitalizing on technology and effective change management to enhance global demand and supply planning and drive efficiency.

The following are the main takeaways from Yulia Sanzharova’s session at aim10x live London.

Embracing Digital Transformation with o9 Solutions: 

AB InBev's partnership with o9 Solutions proved instrumental in their digital transformation. Implementing the o9 platform in multiple markets worldwide, including Europe, China, Mexico, Colombia, and the USA, AB InBev witnessed a significant enhancement in their demand planning and supply planning processes. The platform provided them with increased visibility, enabling better scenario planning and contingency management. Yulia emphasized the collaborative efforts between AB InBev and o9 Solutions, which shaped a robust reference model for the brewing giant.

A Rapid Approach to Implementation: 

Yulia highlighted the importance of taking a fast-paced implementation approach, focusing on individual markets instead of a blanket strategy. This agile methodology allowed AB InBev to scale quickly and learn from each implementation, optimizing their supply chain transformation. The close collaboration with o9 Solutions led to the development of innovative solutions that were subsequently shared with other clients, solidifying the partnership's impact.

Change Management is Critical for Success:

Acknowledging the need for improvement in change management, Yulia shared examples from successful change management initiatives in the US, Mexico, and Colombia. AB InBev implemented a comprehensive five-pillar change management approach, focusing on leadership, communication, training, engagement, and surveys. By utilizing various communication channels, engaging planners through physical activities and surveys, and implementing an ongoing training plan, AB InBev ensured effective change management throughout the transformation journey.

Utilizing Technology for Better Demand and Supply Planning: 

AB InBev's transformation journey included significant advancements in demand and supply planning. The company centralized statistical forecasts to two locations, employing dedicated data science teams to enhance forecasting algorithms. Additionally, they transitioned from optimizers to heuristic solves for supply planning, enabling scenario analysis and improved decision-making.

Tracking Adoption and "Acceptance" of System Suggestions: 

To ensure optimal platform adoption and utilization, AB InBev leveraged a comprehensive four-pillar adoption framework. This framework tracked the usage of the o9 platform and the "acceptance" of its suggestions by planners, ensuring that the investment delivered the desired benefits. By monitoring usage patterns, companies can identify areas where additional training or system enhancements are needed, ultimately driving greater efficiency and reducing manual intervention.

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