Retail Demand Planning

Evolve beyond statistical forecasting

Improve forecast accuracy, alignment and accountability.Build accurate forecasts using predictive analytics to forecast fashion, seasonal and long lifecycle products.

Predict accurate demand to plan receipts and maintain optimal inventory levels. Use AI/ML driven forecasts to drive Merchandise, Assortment and Allocation planning. Adapt to recent trends, seasonality, stock positions, and promotions during In-season to, and reflect retailers’ unique demand drivers to maximize profitability.

Top reasons organizations are upgrading their Retail Demand Planning capabilities

Scalable, next-generation system
Handle omni-channel complexity with continually learning forecasting techniques and handle billions of records while saving costs

Integrate External Drivers
Deploy new external data sources to improve forecast accuracy.

Use cases favored by our clients

  • Exception based workflow
  • AI driven actionable recommendations
  • Forecast based on business drivers such as weather, consumer feedback, social media data, local events, pricing, promotions, seasonality etc.
  • Forecast basic, seasonal, hardlines, softlines, grocery with statistical and AI/ML forecasting models
  • Adapt to recent trends, seasonality and promotions
  • Real-time aggregation and dis-aggregation at any level in the hierarchy
  • Short lifecycle product forecasting
  • Range based forecasts
  • Attribute based automated search for new product introduction
  • Execution and scaling of AI/ML algorithms developed by customer data science team
  • Forecast Accuracy & Bias Post Game Analysis
  • What-if scenarios and simulations

Looking for a next-generation Retail Demand Planning solution?

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