Retail Analytics

Develop unprecedented insights tied to plans

Transform retail planning with AI and M/L powered analytics to improve alignment of plans to business strategies and market needs.

Leverage embedded retail analytics to drive improvements to retail planning processes such as merchandise financial planning. Incorporate insights into market size, share and trends, assortment and buying towards better localization and competitive positioning. pricing and promotion planning with improving ASP and promotional effectiveness. Allocation and replenishment planning by improve in-stock and forecast accuracy.

Top reasons organizations are upgrading their retail analytics capabilities

Incorporate Varied Data Sources
Use integrated API’s for both structured and unstructured data sources

Rich Scenario Analysis
Enable scenario planning capabilities for rapid simulation and what-if analysis

Traceable and grounded analytics
Apply interactive read/write capabilities for actionable analytics and easy explainability of results

Scalable future-proof platform
Deliver value faster using our natively cloud based platform

Use cases favored by our clients

  • Store Availability Analytics to find the availability of any product at the stores of a specific retailer or competition
  • Store Segmentation / Classification Analytics by considering demographics / income information from census data and other data to understand consumer segments with similar affinity profiles and provide consistent experience to the target consumer groups
  • Competitive Analytics to compare price across retailers as well as competitive intensity in terms of item count, pricing and promotions by channel, region, market segment for a product group or class
  • Assortment Analytics to compare assorted products on price and ratings and tailor the assortments to meet local market conditions and floor or fixture constraints etc.
  • Customer Sentiment Analytics using labeled, unlabeled reviews and voice of the customer based analysis
  • Market Size and Share by consumer segment (age group, income, family status) and product profile or category
  • Category Risk and Opportunity Analytics based on price, consumer affinity, product buzz, promotion effectiveness etc.
  • Store Analytics related to post game around out of stock (OOS) identification, root cause analysis or promotion execution monitoring

Looking for retail analytics solution to get unprecedented insights tied to plan?

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