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Integrated Business Planning (IBP Software)

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Integrated Business Planning

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The 5 Screens That Will Solve Your IBP Challenges

Read about IBP and how it can revolutionize planning and decision-making.

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Cross functional collaboration for world-class decision making

o9’s Integrated Business Planning solution uses automation to bring together finance, marketing, sales, and supply chain to address risk and opportunities in an online live platform. Provide full visibility and complete transparency on the gap vs. the annual plan in revenues, cost, margin, and volumes. Resulting in profitable growth that balances strategic, financial and operational objectives.

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Integrated business planning to mitigate risks

Model risks and opportunities to build end to end impact analysis. Simulate proposals, gap closure initiatives, scenario planning, cost take outs, inventory planning, and process improvements to understand overall future demand supportability and KPI impact

How next-generation IBP could deliver profitable growth and reliability of achieving the commercial business plan.

The o9 Integrated Business Planning Solution allows for more tight knit collaboration within the planning process.

Walkthrough the steps of the Demand Management Review (DMR) to understand the gaps between the plan and demand to model gap closure activities. Next Supply Management Review (SMR) review to supply options and if initiatives can be fulfilled.

Close the loop with the online IBP meeting, reconciling of all the planning scenarios that are created on the demand side, and the supply response, and automatically record what actions need to be taken.

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Top reasons

Why customers choose o9 for their Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

A single integrated plan for all planning processes across the horizon. o9’s Graph Cube Data Model allows for aggregation and disaggregation to the right level of detail for each planning horizon to support end-to-end synchronization.

Complete P&L and KPI visibility. Summarize scenarios with connected financial KPIs. Understand financial metrics such as margins, revenues, and working capital. Use financial reasoning and reconciliation within the integrated planning process.

Cross-functional and interactive plan review & publication. Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) based search & discovery. Also, create interactive views instead of static dashboards and turn cross-functional review and alignment into a fluid process.

Live on platform meeting capability. Create live presentations step by step with live data for S&OP meetings, removing hundreds of hours of manual work.

Big data enabled. Leverage real-time structured and unstructured data from the market, customers, and operations to drive insights into trends and potential disruptions”

Use cases

With o9 Integrated Business Planning, customers are able to reach a new level of collaboration in their planning process.

  • Advanced real-time scenario capabilities, Quickly run scenarios during IBP meetings to support fast decision making.
  • Ability to track the impact of initiatives and demand drivers like promotions, distribution, and trade. Including the use of AI to start recommending what initiatives to launch in order to close the gap.
  • Process Orchestration with support for a regional/global S&OP process with real-time workflow status monitoring and meeting attendance
  • Postgame analytics and leaderboards to review actions and decisions
  • Digital on-system simulated S&OP Process

Plan better. Reduce waste. Create an efficient business for a better planet.

o9’s Integrated Business planning software capabilities are helping global enterprises improve the overall plan, which directly correlates to better and improved financial performance. And when a business plans better, it creates operational efficiencies that significantly reduce wastage.

The integrated planning efficiencies delivered by o9 is helping corporations do more, be more and mean more, internally and to the world at large.

IBP for Retail

Seamlessly integrate merchandise plans and finances across the supply chain

The need to react quickly to changing consumer trends in-store and in the market is constant. To capitalize on these changing market dynamics and opportunities, you need to rapidly run connected plans across functions to understand both the supply chain feasibility and financial viability of commercial projects.

With o9’s Retail IBP solution, expand your S&OP process to include finance, marketing, and sales to understand financial plans and contribution margin with complete visibility and transparency. Understand revenue by category, risks, opportunities, gaps, and balance supply and demand in a cost-effective manner for the future.

Get real time visibility. Leverage the o9 Digital Brain in your business.

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