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Digital Supplier Collaboration

Seamless coordination with supply chain partners

Increase agility by bringing your suppliers and contract manufacturers into your planning process with rich, secure collaboration workflows.

The :o9 Digital Supplier Collaboration solution makes it simple to bring all your suppliers into one collaborative process. These include processes around direct material inventory visibility, forecasts, orders and costs. This will help you drive early warnings, improvement actions and joint business plan reviews with the extended supplier network.

Top reasons organizations are upgrading their Digital Supplier Collaboration capabilities

Online supplier collaboration workflows
Enable change analysis over multiple planning cycles efficiently and accurately

Improved visibility into evolving  constraints
Get early visibility of developing constraints in a multi-tier supply chain network

Capture opportunities to shape supply
Capture cost savings and eliminate value leakage in the material planning/procurement  systems

Use cases favored by our clients

  • Multi-Tier “Supply Chain Knowledge Graph” model
  • Rapid/Easy Digital Supplier Onboarding
  • Inventory, Forecast, Order, Capacity Visibility and Collaboration
  • Collaborative Scenario Planning – Expedites, Inventory Rebalancing
  • Supplier Performance Management – KPI Dashboards
  • Supplier JBP – System supported Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Supplier Meetings

Looking for a next-generation Digital Supplier Collaboration solution?

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