Product Portfolio & NPI Planning

Sustainable approaches in Product Planning

Tune your product portfolio range frequently. Balance market needs versus operations complexity. Increase success of new product launches with smoother transitions.

Optimize your product portfolio range with Advanced Segmentation, Analytics and Scenario Planning capabilities. Improve success of new product launches and transitions. Use cross-functional planning and collaborate across Product, Marketing, Sales & Supply Chain functions.

Top reasons organizations are upgrading their revenue planning capabilities

Manage product lines without compromises
Handle high complexity tasks for large numbers of products without adding costs to sales and operations.

System-based execution towards launch success
Optimize cross-functional plans without spreadsheets across R&D, Marketing, Sales and Supply Chain.

Build a culture for Analytics powered NPI
Develop deeper institutional knowledge to support NPI programs

Analyze Transition scenarios before deploying
Develop decisions with a full grasp on options available for your most important scenarios.

Use cases favored by our clients

  • Product Portfolio Analytics Visibility – Kill/Extend Decisions
  • New Product Ideation Collaboration
  • NPI Business Case Management – Stage Gate Process
  • Cross-Functional NPI plans (R&D / Supply Chain / Sales)
  • NPI Forecasting
  • Launch Date/Transition Scenario Planning
  • NPI Programs System of Record, Communication & Collaboration

Looking for a NPI planning solution to achieve sustainable product planning?

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