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Point of View

Next-generation Dairy Planning

  • Download our Point of View for a break-down of the key planning capabilities needed for dairy companies to unleash growth, resilience, and sustainable success.

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Arla Foods
Arla Foods
Trusted by leaders across the dairy industry

Due to the Dairy industry’s unique and complex nature, next-generation planning capabilities are required to stay on top of competition

Key challenges in the Dairy industry

Extremely short
shelf life

of raw materials, semi-finished, and finished products

Variability and seasonality of the raw milk supply

because of the organic nature and very fragmented sourcing

Allocation complexity

due to multiple types of finished products that share the same raw materials but have different transformation processes

Highly competitive market

with rapid brand substitution from consumers in case of shortages

5 planning capabilities required to future-proof dairy businesses

5 planning capabilities required to future-proof dairy businesses

Mid-term network and contribution optimization

to configure the capacities and allocation, maximizing profitability

Milk utilization optimization

to ensure the best utilization of available milk given the latest demand signals

Demand sensing and rapid replanning

to reprioritize line scheduling and distribution; no inventory buffer

End-to-end shelf-life constrained planning

to ensure zero waste and anticipate expiration at all steps

Supply-backed RGM

fully synced with the demand/supply status, to shape customer demand fitting available milk and capacities

Farm 14

Upgrade your dairy planning to meet the demands of today

O9 pov dairy mockup

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Our Point of View explains the key capabilities that support thousands of dairy planning decisions, and why leading dairy players have chosen the o9 Digital Brain.

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