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Why Is Demand Planning Important?

Why is demand planning important? thumbnail

Demand planning is a business-critical activity that attempts to predict what consumers will want and ensure there will be adequate supply to meet demand. In a perfect world, no one…

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What Is Your Demand Planning Model Structure?

What is your demand planning model structure? thumbnail

A well-designed demand planning model structure—horizon, frequency, and granularity—is critical to an effective demand planning process. Demand planning is a critical component of any supply chain operation. Accurately forecasting demand…

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What Is “One-Number” Forecasting?

What is “one number” forecasting? thumbnail

One-number forecasting aims to align all forecasting stakeholders, from commercial teams to supply chain, on one consensus forecast. Supply chain leaders understand the importance of accurate forecasting to drive business…

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How to Assess Demand Planning Maturity

How to assess demand planning maturity thumbnail

Building a world-class demand planning process requires organizations to first assess their maturity level by asking five key questions. As businesses seek to streamline and optimize their supply chain operations,…

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Forecasting and Planning: a Comparison

Forecasting and planning: a comparison thumbnail

Demand forecasting and demand planning are interrelated yet distinct processes. What Is a Forecast? Forecasting is the discipline of predicting a range of possibilities in the future. Often expressed as…

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