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o9 Solutions partners with PepsiCo on Global Integrated Business Planning

O9 solutions partners with pepsico on global integrated business planning (1)
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o9 Solutions The Digital Brain Platform
o9 SolutionsThe Digital Brain Platform

DALLAS, 12 April 2022 — o9 Solutions, a leading enterprise AI software platform provider for transforming planning and decision-making, today announced that PepsiCo has embarked on a partnership to support a global rollout of its next-generation Integrated Business Planning solution.

o9’s collaborative planning platform will equip PepsiCo with the ability to conduct real-time scenario planning to evaluate various commercial and supply chain scenarios, which will drive greater efficiency in decision-making and further perfect execution.

"To compete in today’s complex, rapidly changing market, global enterprises need to break through silos and ensure that every function within the organization is working together to define the best business plan. With o9’s proven technology in place, Pepsico will leverage a collaborative, analytics-driven platform that drives cross-functional planning and efficiencies and optimized decision-making. We are honored to serve as one of the world’s most iconic company’s IBP partner and look forward to the partnership."

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Chakri GottemukkalaCo-Founder and CEO — o9 Solutions
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o9 Solutions The Digital Brain Platform

o9 Solutions

The Digital Brain Platform

o9 Solutions is a leading AI-powered platform for integrated business planning and decision-making for the enterprise. Whether it is driving demand, aligning demand and supply, or optimizing commercial initiatives, any planning process can be made faster and smarter with o9’s AI-powered digital solutions. o9 brings together technology innovations—such as graph-based enterprise modeling, big data analytics, advanced algorithms for scenario planning, collaborative portals, easy-to-use interfaces and cloud-based delivery—into one platform.


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