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o9 Solutions Grows Annual Recurring Revenue by 84% in 2022

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o9 Solutions The Digital Brain Platform
o9 SolutionsThe Digital Brain Platform

DALLAS, Jan. 11, 2023 – o9 Solutions, a leading enterprise AI software platform provider for transforming planning and decision-making, today reported that its annual recurring revenue (ARR) added in 2022 grew over 84% year-over-year. During Q4’22, o9 set a new record for ARR added in a single quarter as the company saw broad growth driven by new clients and expansions at existing clients. A significant portion of the growth during 2022 was driven by the expanded usage of o9’s AI-powered Digital Brain platform at dozens of existing clients that are realizing the accelerated benefits of a unified connected enterprise planning platform. These expansions more than doubled year-over-year in 2022.

During 2022, o9 implemented 74 go-lives at numerous well-known brands across sectors,  including soft lines, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, consumer electronics, and more. Twenty-five of them were completed in Q4’22 alone, highlighting o9’s accelerating capability to support clients in their efforts to digitize their end-to-end planning and decision-making. o9’s cloud-based planning platform supported nearly 150,000 monthly active users during the year across a variety of industries and planning use cases, underscoring its widespread adoption.  The company’s worldwide talent pool also grew to more than 2,400 throughout the year. 

“The massive value-generating power of an integrated business planning platform like the o9 Digital Brain and urgent need for intelligent and resilient supply chains is the force that’s driving our strong year-over-year results and momentum heading into 2023,” said Chakri Gottemukkala, Co-founder and CEO, o9 Solutions. “We anticipate that the importance of investing in o9’s AI-powered platform to digitally transform the world’s largest and most complex supply chains will only continue to increase.”

Igor Rikalo, President and COO of o9 Solutions, said, “o9’s results in 2022 showcase our ability to execute across diverse industries, regions, and markets. I’m extremely proud of what o9 accomplished in 2022, both from a growth perspective and also what we’ve achieved through our social impact initiatives to support the communities we serve. I look forward to continued success in 2023 and beyond.”  

Other notable highlights of Q4’22 include:

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o9 Solutions The Digital Brain Platform

o9 Solutions

The Digital Brain Platform

o9 Solutions is a leading AI-powered platform for integrated business planning and decision-making for the enterprise. Whether it is driving demand, aligning demand and supply, or optimizing commercial initiatives, any planning process can be made faster and smarter with o9’s AI-powered digital solutions. o9 brings together technology innovations—such as graph-based enterprise modeling, big data analytics, advanced algorithms for scenario planning, collaborative portals, easy-to-use interfaces and cloud-based delivery—into one platform.


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