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Dallas, 8 June , 2021 – Spinnaker SCA, a leading international provider of supply chain strategy, planning, and operational consulting, announced today that it has partnered with o9 Solutions, the premier AI-powered platform for integrated business planning and decision-making for the enterprise. The collaboration combines Spinnaker SCA’s supply chain expertise and experienced consultants with o9 Solutions’ platform for end-to-end constraint-based planning across the complete supply chain.

Spinnaker SCA has nearly 20 years of supply chain services experience with over 100 employees across several locations in the U.S. Working with a client base ranging from midsize to large global organizations, Spinnaker SCA operates within many of the same verticals as o9 Solutions, including consumer products, high-tech & electronics, industrial, life sciences, and retail. The Spinnaker SCA team has expertise in strategic consulting, business process reengineering, data governance, as well as change management and includes certified o9 Solutions implementation architects.

“Spinnaker SCA provides supply chain expertise focused on revenue growth, performance improvements, and integrated supply chain solutions, while o9 Solutions has developed an integrated platform for revenue management, supply chain management, and integrated business planning,” said John Sharkey, Chief Operating Office at Spinnaker SCA. “This collaboration will help customers transform their supply chain to drive revenue growth and prepare their transition to truly integrated planning.”

This partnership is a great match for Spinnaker SCA as it enables it to provide the o9 capabilities to its clients looking for truly integration business planning solutions. “o9 Solutions and Spinnaker SCA will provide customers a proven supply chain software platform combined with extensive supply chain expertise to help companies manage their supply chain and integrated business planning process.” said Igor Rikalo, COO of o9 Solutions. “Global leaders across industry verticals are recognizing the power of o9’s unique platform and the partnership with Spinnaker SCA will help us strengthen this position.”

About Spinnaker SCA

Spinnaker SCA is a leading supply chain services firm providing End-to-End Supply Chain Strategy, Planning, and Execution Consulting services, based in Boulder, CO. Founded in 2021 through the joining of two top supply chain consulting firms, SCApath LLC and Spinnaker Supply Chain, together Spinnaker SCA provides their customers a broad set of services to enable their clients’ supply chain capabilities. With over 20 years of experience in the supply chain industry, Spinnaker SCA’s services offerings include Supply Chain Design & Strategy, Supply Chain Planning, Omni-Channel Fulfillment, Distribution, and Logistics Management and Change Management consulting services. To learn more please visit or call 877-476-0576. For strategic supply chain staffing services, visit to learn more about our sister company, Pros2Plan.

o9 Solutions

o9 offers a leading AI-powered Planning, Analytics & Data platform called the Digital Brain that helps companies across industry verticals transform traditionally slow and siloed planning into smart, integrated and intelligent planning and decision making across the core supply chain, commercial and P&L functions. With o9’s Digital Brain platform, companies are able to achieve game-changing improvements in quality of data, ability to detect demand and supply risks and opportunities earlier, forecast demand more accurately, evaluate what-if scenarios in real time, match demand and supply intelligently and drive alignment and collaboration across customers, internal stakeholders and suppliers around the integrated supply chain and commercial plans and decisions. Supported by a global ecosystem of partners, o9’s innovative delivery methodology helps companies achieve quick impact in customer service, inventory levels, resource utilization, as well as ESG and financial KPIs—while enabling a long-term, sustainable transformation of their end-to-end planning and decision-making capabilities.