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aim10x Executive Council has added an inspiring leader in the F&B industry.

Aim10x executive council blog sandra macquillan
Published: April 9, 2023Reading time: 3 min
aim10x Digital Transformation Community
aim10xDigital Transformation Community
Published: April 9, 2023

DALLAS, TX - April 9, 2023 - o9 Solutions, the leading AI-powered integrated business planning platform, welcomes Sandra MacQuillan, former Chief Supply Chain Officer of Mondelez International.

Sandra MacQuillan is a leading supply chain professional and former Chief Supply Chain Officer of Mondelez International. Her passion for leveraging supply chain capabilities to drive value for consumers, customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders has been evident throughout her career. 

Before Mondelez, she achieved best-in-class performance at Kimberly-Clark as the first-ever Supply Chain Officer. Sandra spent 21 years at Mars Inc., where she became Global Vice President of Supply Chain for the company’s $15B Global Petcare Business.

A chartered mechanical engineer, she was elected as a Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in 2011 and the Royal Society of Arts in recognition of her work encouraging young students, especially women, into engineering.

“I am thrilled to welcome Sandra as the latest member to join the aim10x Executive Council: her passion for leveraging supply chain capabilities will be a huge asset to o9’s mission,” added Chakri Gottemukkala, CEO of o9 Solutions. “With her leadership experience at global companies and significant work encouraging young students and women to pursue engineering, Sandra brings a unique perspective that will significantly contribute to the Council’s goals. We are excited to have her on board and look forward to her contribution.”

Sandra retired in March 2023 to focus on consultancy, directorship, and advisory board roles. She currently serves on Trimble LLC’s Board and the advisory boards of ZERO100 and BOOM! As of April 2023, she will join o9's aim10x Executive Council, and the Board of NHS SCCL.

“We are never too old nor experienced to learn and challenge ourselves and should never become arrogant and judge others. Instead, we should support and help each other on our journeys; that is why I am joining the Executive Council, to grow, give, and be part of creating the next transformation in supply chain, in our people, and in our capabilities.”

About the aim10x Executive Council

The aim10x Executive Council is a network of visionary leaders who have built significant operating experience at some of the world's largest companies. Together they will set the vision for all aspects of an integrated enterprise—from supply chain to finance, sales, and product development. Such integration will lead to global enterprises that are more efficient, sustainable, and profitable. It is part of the broader 'aim10x' initiative sponsored by o9 Solutions, which empowers a global community of professionals to digitally transform planning and decision-making capabilities. The aim10x Executive Council members share their insights about leadership, strategy, change management, and Digital Transformation journeys through the aim10x Webinars, aim10x Podcasts, and aim10x Innovators Network. For additional information, visit the website of the aim10x Executive Council.

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aim10x Digital Transformation Community


Digital Transformation Community

aim10x is a unique space created to support innovators, academics and leaders in business planning and decision-making. Learn from the world’s leading innovators. Overcome obstacles. And accelerate your digital transformation journey.


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