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Replenishment Planning

Responsive, multi-tier aware replenishments

Multi-echelon Inventory Optimization and replenishment based on future demand, current plans and other factors to improve service levels, grow sales, and optimize inventory

o9 replenishment solution offers a comprehensive multi echelon inventory optimization for cost to serve, inventory and service level tradeoffs compared to traditional replenishment approaches.

Top reasons organizations are upgrading their Replenishment Planning capabilities

Optimize inventory and costs
Understand best optimizations and decisions in an omni-channel environment

From unconstrained to constrained based replenishment
Understand future demand to improve service levels and grow sales

Work from one integrated system
Improve visibility, responsiveness and productivity, all the way from your suppliers to shelves

Move to a cloud based system
Ditch the legacy systems and start using optimization capabilities for cost to serve, inventory and service level tradeoffs

Use cases favored by our clients

  • Exception driven workflow
  • AI driven actionable recommendations
  • Multi-echelon network modeling from the supplier to the shelf
  • Inventory optimization across the entire network
  • Constraint based flow optimization for seasonal or promotional peaks
  • Accurate order forecast for suppliers
  • Supply chain constraint data management
  • Integrated financial metrics such as cost-to-serve, margin, revenue etc.
  • What-if scenario planning

Looking for a next-generation Replenishment Planning solution?

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