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Pricing, Yield, & Markdown Management

An integrated platform to strategically model and manage product pricing

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Use advanced AI/ML capabilities to make fully informed pricing decisions via scenario modeling

There is no “one size fits all” approach to creating a pricing strategy. This is due to the varying effects different brands, categories and product lines have on different consumers. Identifying the right price change at the right time is complex given the wide range of products. At o9, we use advanced intelligence and dynamic modeling to make it easy to adjust pricing at any time and meet yearly commercial targets.

Achieve commercial results with optimal price-changing strategies

Achieve a variety of commercial targets from revenue to margin to market share. Your pricing strategies will be integrated into our proprietary Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) technology, streamlining advanced analyses directly from thousands of internal and external data sources.

Whether a quick price change is needed to meet demands during a pandemic, or an end-of-life-cycle product requires a significant price drop, our tools, and centralized platform will help you model and manage pricing for maximum impact. Rapidly adjust your pricing strategies and become resilient to any changing market demands today.

Top reasons

Why customers choose the o9 Digital Brain for their Long-Term Strategic Revenue Planning

Accurate price changes across brand and product categories
o9’s demand planning integration, elasticity models, and heuristic scorecards of external factors help pinpoint the best times and clusters for price changes, ensuring maximal portfolio and performance impact.

Forecast pricing impacts across categories, channels, and products
The o9 Digital Brain dynamically models changes in volume and revenue across your entire portfolio and marketplace when prices change, allowing you to see a holistic impact of all key decisions.

Optimize markdown strategy and end-of-life product decisions
o9’s supply integration provides inventory visibility and past performance data down to product and location levels, allowing organizations to manage price reductions on items nearing the end of their lifecycle.

Use cases

o9’s pricing and markdown capabilities integrate market data with predicting, planning, and tracking tools to manage the overall P&L and share the performance of your products.

  • Identify optimal markdown prices across brands and product categories
  • Premium price intelligence using demand, P&L, and cost calculations
  • Advanced price-setting and performance tracking at granular levels
  • Price elasticity at multiple levels, including portfolio, cannibalization, and halo effects
  • Supply Chain planning data integration to model the E2E impacts of your pricing decisions

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