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Assortment and New Product Innovation (NPI) Planning Software

Manage your product portfolio and optimize sales with new product planning

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Identify the most profitable product assortment per store cluster and plan for new product launches for sales uplift

Allocating profitable product assortment to each store cluster is vital in capturing sales and faster time-to-value. The goal is to get the right products delivered to the right locations to quickly meet consumer needs.

However, it can be difficult to accurately identify the right products considering the number of portfolios, stores, and consumer segments. Leveraging consumer insight and inventory visibility across the business helps optimize your assortment strategy and plan for product development, continuity, and distribution.

Effective assortment manager with centralized cross-departmental insight

With o9, every department in your business gains access to centralized decision-making tools. Our tools utilize integrated insights into changing consumer demand and inventory visibility at the store level.

Enabling faster decisions to optimize your product assortment, through understanding the impact of key drivers such as product velocity, distribution, and substitution or switching characteristics on P&L performance.

o9’s Assortment and New Product Innovation (NPI) planning capabilities reduce the need for spreadsheets and siloed processing systems to identify profitable sales opportunities. These crucial capabilities enable your business to plan product availability and meet consumer needs even during demand fluctuations.

Top reasons

Why customers choose o9 for their Assortment and New Product Innovation (NPI) Planning strategies

Optimize product range per store cluster and consumer segment
Accurately forecast the impact of every product in each portfolio per consumer segment and store cluster with advanced segmentation and scenario planning tools. Reduce low-margin products without adding costs to sales and operations, resulting in a strategically crafted product range that meets consumer needs.

Significantly improve the success rate of new product launches
Access end-to-end planning combined with continuous streamlining of consumer demand data and ROI analysis. Enable the ability to strategically plan for new product launches. Gain insight to keep the cost of goods sold (COGS) low to increase faster time to market and improve margins.

Analyze transition scenarios before deployment
Product portfolio analytics visibility reviews system of records of past product launches. This gives access to categorical series of data to make transition risk assessments. Meet consumer needs without any supply shortage.

Use cases

o9’s Assortment and NPI Planning leverages data at the store level to effectively distribute profitable products and improve sales growth.

  • Whitespace discovery with market insight
  • Real-time consumer demand integration
  • Estimate net incremental impact of new products
  • Quick analysis of real uplift vs. cannibalization with historical launch data
  • Access demand per store cluster and consumer segmentation
  • Optimally allocate profitable products and identify substitutes
  • Supply chain cost transparency when listing/de-listing products

Take the first step to managing your product portfolio and optimization of sales.

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