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Long-Term Strategic Revenue Planning

Create, track, and share organizational strategic revenue plans

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A centralized platform that records and manages long-term revenue plans & assumptions

Many CPG and retail companies take a longer-term approach to managing their business. They review their investments, and realign their portfolios and strategies against the dynamic market in an effort to meet their growth objectives. To do this effectively, an integration of extensive market data spanning across different stakeholders at every level of granularity is required. This centralizes revenue-driving plans to key decision-makers, allowing the business to review past performances, make any in-flight adjustments, and grow sustainably.

Full transparency to long-term plans with integration to annual planning

o9 helps companies create and manage their long-term strategies, ensuring they can sustainably meet their growth objectives across brands, channels, product ranges, and more. Our centralized approach ensures that companies use consistent guidelines and advanced analytics to drive near-term decision-making and tie them to long-term strategy. Whether a company is developing new products or aiming to become more sustainable, they are provided sufficient information to make better and faster decisions.

Top reasons

Why customers choose the o9 Digital Brain for their Long-Term Strategic Revenue Planning

Manage a single source of truth for long-term planning
o9’s Digital Brain stores all plans, assumptions, and projections at the most granular levels, with an audit trail of past changes.

Leverage past performance analysis and trend predictions
Make quick adjustments to your plans to shift investment priorities across customers, channels, brands, and products to maximize performance.

Integrate supply chain data and market knowledge to boost revenue
Elevate your long-term strategy by integrating customer relationships, portfolio management, demand planning, and supply chain transparency.

Use cases

o9’s Long-Term Strategic Revenue Planning capabilities leverage in-depth market trends, advanced analytics, and cross-departmental transparency to elevate your near-term plans and decision-making to achieve top-down strategic targets.

  • Create effective and sustainable long-term plans at every level of granularity
  • Predict changes in market trends to streamline your long-term strategy
  • Invest in growth levers that drive business performance
  • Identify and mitigate gaps to plan as soon as they manifest
  • Make adjustments in your plans to support new strategic initiatives

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