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Key Account Planning and Customer Collaboration Software

Build win-win customer plans at scale to deliver profitable growth

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Bring analytical rigor, deep customer insight, and a structured, traceable planning approach to your key account decision-making

Many consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies understand the importance of identifying an effective sales strategy to win deals with their key customers or key accounts.

However, retailers are accessing direct consumer insights and venturing into new channels and business models to expand their on-shelf items and maintain market share. For CPG companies to adapt their sales strategy and meet the evolving landscape of their key customers, they must plan and manage new collaborative initiatives, commercial terms, and incentives using a unified decision-making platform.

Our scalable key account planning solution, with fully integrated revenue management

At o9, we elevate your key account sales strategy by integrating Revenue Growth Management (RGM), Demand Planning (DP), and supply chain data and knowledge into a holistic decision-making platform.

Your key account managers can quickly identify and meet consumer needs and customer demands through this centralized infrastructure. Performance delivery against plans is tracked within the platform, enabling in-flight adjustment opportunities to be identified and executed at pace.

Our predictive and prescriptive revenue management analytics gives your customers insight on how they too can benefit from the deal. Remove any sales bias from P&L forecasts and streamline the planning approval process. Scale your negotiating tactics and collaborative planning to hit sales targets while maintaining customer satisfaction.”

Top reasons

Why customers choose o9 for their B2B Pricing, Incentives and Deal Planning strategies

Garner insight into multiple purchasing drivers for retailers
Streamline dynamic retailer demand knowledge and customer revenue management optimization into the deal planning process. Knowing what your key customers need in advance will improve customer collaboration and accelerate trade term negotiations, ensuring faster deal closing.

State-of-the-art tools to achieve effective pricing strategies
Develop a clear deal structure, informed by revenue management guidelines and guardrails, including the fixed product price and how much to discount in a deal. This, combined with o9’s access to historical performance data of past deals, helps set optimal list prices, increase price flexibility, and remove a ‘one size fits all’ pricing strategy. Boost your customer and sales success rate.

Quickly identify any revenue leaks during pricing execution
Effectively manage all discounts and incentive deals with customers using AI-supported capabilities. Track and calculate if those deals per key customer create valuable ROI for both parties. This will remove any sales bias and non-strategic incentives, reduce revenue leaks and achieve customer success.

Monitor pricing impact across the value chain
Access scenario planning tools to oversee accurate forecasting of different sales strategies. Improve manufacturing capacity and other variables affecting delivery performance and customer satisfaction. This will also help create effective customer collaborations through new assortment or trade promotion initiatives.

Use cases

o9’s Key Account Planning and Customer Collaboration elevates your sales strategy and account planning process with integrated deal planning and managing processes

  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics for in-depth key customer insights
  • Create simulations and trade-offs between growth levers
  • Faster and more collaborative decisions with key customers
  • Reduced time and money spent on long and tedious deal approving process
  • Estimate impact on specific key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Collaborative account planning process across key customers
  • Access to other revenue growth lever tools to leverage optimal collaborative initiatives
  • Holistic decision-making platform with simple integration to Demand Planning

Take the first step to building win-win customer plans at scale to deliver profitable growth

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