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Use leading indicators to initiate change in response to future demand.

Rapidly identify short-term trends and market shifts to accurately predict what consumers want, when and where.

Many companies face the challenge to profitably capture short-term demand opportunities. With o9’s Demand Sensing solution, pick up on short-term trends and market shifts immediately to better predict what consumers want, when, and where.

Why customers
choose o9

Model demand<br>drivers
Model daily internal and external demand drivers, actual order pacing, as well as market-level signals.
Create several <br>demand models
The models with varying levels of granularity, coexisting in the same platform via the EKG, can be used for different horizons and decisions.
Send automated<br>signals
Send automated signals to the supply chain to drive deployment decisions and reconcile long-term forecasts with short-term demand sensing models.
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Stay on trend by quickly detecting demand shifts