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Data Science and Machine Learning platform

Build your own custom AI/ML workflows on the o9 platform

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While many companies will spend years building their AI/ML capabilities in-house to try to solve their data-science challenges, our customers are leveraging the o9 platform to get a headstart.

Why spend many years building your AI/ML stack in-house? Leverage the integrated data, analytics, and planning platform from o9 to get a headstart with your supply chain, commercial, finance, and sustainability use cases.

Top reasons

Why customers choose o9

While AI/ML is a powerful technology, it can’t solve business problems by itself. The three layers of our platform connect data engineers, data scientists, and business users in one platform, closing the loop to drive better decision-making.

The data layer connects to your datastore and many source systems to load business data into our Enterprise Knowledge Graph—a pre-seeded, industry-specific data model tailored to your business.

While data may be abundant, many companies have not been able to create a common data model. The EKG layer organizes and connects the dots between your data using our proprietary graph-cube technology— significantly speeding up data processing.

The Algorithm Studio enables your data science teams to design their own AI/ML algorithms using Python, R, and PySpark—or utilize o9’s out-of-the-box analytics for faster time-to-value—and quickly scale them beyond proof-of-concept.

The Workflow Designer allows users to create custom workflows and screens alongside our platform’s existing solutions for end users. On one integrated platform.

See in real-life how to build your own custom AI/ML workflows on the o9 platform.

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