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B2B Pricing, Incentives, and Deal Planning Software

Achieve profitable and long-term growth in your B2B pricing

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Scale benefits gained by centralizing your B2B price optimization and deal management

Landing an effective sales strategy is vital to establishing profitable transactions in a supplier and buyer deal. However, understanding the impact price and incentive changes have on deal economics is time-consuming to do offline, and not scalable across a sales team.

Getting the best performance outcomes requires centralized data-driven guidelines. It requires integration with live deal-level profitability forecasting and supply chain cost-to-serve insight.

Optimize your sales strategy to sell profitably and deliver efficiently

At o9, we provide your business with an effective deal management solution by leveraging in-depth customer analysis and full supply chain data integration.

Plan better deals and elevate pricing optimization and management using key customer insights, such as, purchasing history, price elasticity, and incentive impact. This provides your sales strategy with insightful pricing guidelines for every product to secure profitable deals. With o9, access intelligent pricing optimization to remain profitable, ensure efficient product availability, and plan for long-term growth.

Top reasons

Why customers choose o9 for their B2B Pricing, Incentives and Deal Planning strategies

Secure profitable deals by predicting customer needs
Streamline in-depth customer analysis into their deal planning process. Thus, enabling your business to be more predictive and resilient through any demand fluctuations. This level of analysis means your business can foster new and strengthen existing partnerships.

Monitor pricing impact across the value chain
Gain full visibility on supply chain insight and understand the cost of production and delivery and profitability forecasting. This enables intuitive guidelines to be used in every negotiation, improving the capacity to secure more profitable deals.

Identify and reduce any revenue leaks per customer deal
Use AI-supported capabilities to oversee profitable opportunities for varying pricing strategies. Effectively manage all incentives per customer. Remove any sales bias or non-strategic incentives and reduce revenue leaks.

Use cases

o9’s B2B Pricing, Incentives & Deal Planning merges customer demand with supply chain visibility for a holistic price and deal incentives approach.

  • In-depth customer analysis for profitable deal strategy
  • Identify the impact of price changes and deal incentives
  • Accurate P&L estimation
  • Intuitive sales guidelines for deal negotiations
  • P&L forecasting and scenario planning
  • Supply chain integration for COGS and capacity transparency

Take the first step to achieving profitable and long-term growth in your B2B pricing

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