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Assortment Planning

Assortments that grow market share

Build Assortments to develop optimal product mix for both Pre and In season.

Deploy AI/ML based algorithms to recommend assortment to maximize profits and minimize markdowns.

Build customized Assortments for targeted customer segments to achieve the product mix that maximizes profitability while maintaining optimum Inventory levels.

Simplify decision-making with ML and AI based analytics and highly visual user interface to review and analyze assortments.

Top reasons organizations are upgrading their Assortment Planning capabilities

Omni-channel assortment plans
Maximize profitability across different channel needs and initiatives to drive better decision making

Customer driven localized assortments
Create optimal product mixes by location. Capture customer intent and drivers.

Maintain optimal inventory levels
Leverage AI/ML capabilities to recommend optimal assortments

Upgrade to future-proof, scalable systems
Ditch spreadsheets and use cloud based systems to collaborate effectively and in real-time.

Use cases favored by our clients

  • Integrated assortment across all product types – basic, seasonal, fashion, hardline, softline or grocery
  • Post-game analysis for prior season performance
  • Prescriptive product recommendations for future season or year
  • Customer and product segmentation to create true customer-centric localized assortment
  • AI/ML driven store clustering & options recommendations
  • Assortment strategy and Detail assortment build
  • Placeholder creation and actualization
  • Visibility to competitive data, consumer data etc.
  • Conceptual line planning & space allocation
  • Promotional and clearance planning
  • Integrated sales, margin, inventory and receipt plan
  • Real-time reconciliation to merchandise financial plans
  • What-if scenarios and simulations

Looking for a next-generation Assortment Planning solution?

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