Metals デジタルブレイン

One of the world’s most geographically diversified steel producers, with operations in over 20 countries. This company is one of the largest steel wire manufacturers in the world.

Customer service measured by On Time In Full (OTIF) was very low compared to competition. Moreover, capacity and material planning processes were entirely manual and not accurate, which led to excess inventory, shortages and plant underutilization.


Avoidance of excess inventory and expedites.


RM Planning Accuracy

Raw Material Planning was inaccurate. Detailed BOM compositions, lead times, and alternative sources were not considered in the supply model and done in Excel.


With o9, the company was able to perform master planning with detailed BOM, material and capacity constraints and lead times leading to significant increases in the accuracy of their Raw Material planning.

Capacity Planning

The company was lacking good capacity planning, which led to inaccurate sales allocations.


With o9, the scenario-based capacity planning integrated with demand planning was leveraged to enable accurate decisions on quotas for sales personnel.

Order Promising

Order promising was inaccurate due to a lack of tools for detailed order planning.


With o9, the company had the tools available on o9’s platform to perform master planning and order promising, which took away the grunt work and increased planning accuracy.



The o9 Enterprise Knowledge Graph was used for true End-to-End planning, including demand, capacity, master planning, and order promising. The ability to run scenarios and have real-time demand-supply synchronization is a game-changer for the organization.


Homegrown solutions and Excel.



  1. o9’s experience with the metal industry and its challenges.
  2. The ability of the platform to increase planning accuracy and capture deviations in execution.
  3. Flexibility of platform which permits adding execution layers such as order entry and custom workflows for sales teams.


  1. A significant improvement of OTIF.
  2. Inventory reduction.
  3. Increase in Risk Management planning accuracy.