Industrial Manufacturing デジタルブレイン

This industrial manufacturer is a multinational company with local operations and customer in over 170 countries, manufacturing renewable energy equipment for utilities around the world.

The company was facing fundamental supply chain shifts with increasing numbers of complex configurations in the product portfolio and a rapidly growing customer base. In addition to that, the planning process for mold capacity planning, blade manufacturing, blade transportation and blade installation at customer sites were disconnected, leading to cost and inventory issues.


Reduction of inventory and reduction of logistics expedites.


End-to-End Visibility

The Wind Turbine division lacked visibility of constraints and cost from mold capacity planning all the way to installation at customer sites.


With o9, the company will get a digital twin providing visibility to demand (pipeline of opportunities), transportation, blade manufacturing and mold manufacturing capacities and costs.

Planning in Silos

Due to fragmented/siloed business processes and supporting systems, the Wind Turbine planning teams were unable to collaborate across multiple functions.


With o9, the company will get the unique capability of connecting all functions and all planning processes on one single integrated platform. This creates a single source of truth with improved speed and better quality of decision-making.

Analytics and Scenario Planning

The legacy processes and tools resulted in time-consuming planning and reporting efforts by planners, based on snapshots of data. The planning workforce spent the majority of their time number crunching rather than intelligent planning and decision-making.


With o9, the company no longer needs to manually move data and is able to make decisions and run scenarios based on real-time insights. For instance, the company now has the ability to run fast scenarios on demand upsights and mold-mix changes.



The Wind Turbine division is using the Enterprise Knowledge Graph to enable end-to-end planning, including demand, supply, transportation and IBP. Key capabilities enabled include: what-if scenarios, trade-off evaluation in both units and currency, demand/supply balancing, incremental and interactive planning and a digital twin that provides end-to-end visibility on cost and capacities across the entire network.





  1. o9’s platform enables real-time demand/supply synchronization, scenario planning capabilities and the digital twin of the entire network.
  2. o9’s expertise and thought leadership in the renewable energy space.
  3. Rapid and agile deployment methodology.


  1. Improved market share via quicker response to demand or supply changes.
  2. Improved forecast accuracy.
  3. Reduced expedited logistics costs.