Pharmaceutical デジタルブレイン

A global leader in advanced biosimilar medicines.

This manufacturer lacked full E2E visibility for its supply chain data and mainly used its ERP system for CMO financial information only. However, as their business is continuously growing and more new products are launching, there was a need for a system to better control the product flows and supply chain plans.


Forecast accuracy improvement reduces expedited logistics as well as excess inventory


E2E Visibility

The company focused mainly on financial data, but was lacking an established system to generate and maintain SCM-related data such as BOM and BOD information, planning item, inventory visibility, fixed plans etc.


With o9’s they are leveraging Enterprise Knowledge Graph to create a digital twin of the supply chain along with SAP ERP interaction, allowing end-to-end visibility for all supply chain data

Supply Chain Master Planning

The company did not have a supply chain master planning solution. All the SCM-related data was maintained by planners and CMO execution managers (EM) in siloed Excel sheets, lacking alignment.


With o9, they were able table to use a single integrated platform for master planning, reducing manual work and ensuring alignment.

Hierarchical Planning

Since planners created supply plans manually, they were unable to consider item level details. Moreover, manufacturing lead times, lot size and yield were managed at product group level rather than SKU level, lacking precision and hierarchy.


With o9, they are using o9 platform’s aggregation and disaggregation capabilities to model the right details at the right level of hierarchy.



They will leverage the o9 Enterprise Knowledge Graph to deploy Master Planning (global demand-supply match), including scenario, annual and long-range planning. The solution is integrated with their ERP (SAP).


Homegrown solutions and Excel.



  1. o9’s consulting leadership position through technical reviews.
  2. Flexible platform capabilities, such as scenario planning.
  3. Partnership with Samsung SDS.


  1. Accurate inventory measurements.
  2. Reduction in inventory obsolescence by considering RSL.
  3. Ability to create SKU level supply plan including intermediate items.