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A global market leader in the three engineered joining technologies product categories clamp, connect and fluid with over 10.000 customers in about 100 countries.

This company experienced frequent capacity constraints and core planning problems such as a lack of forecast visibility. Moreover, it was unable to perform scenario planning.


Reduction of logistics expedites.


Forecast Inaccuracy

The forecast inaccuracty was high and lagging a couple of months behind as a standard. There was a strong need for demand signal improvement to ensure correct capacity adjustments.


With the o9, they were able to leverage a well-established consensus driven forecasting process, with an increased capability of tracking forecast deviations, increasing forecast accuracy and timeliness.

Capacity Constraints

The company was experiencing material and capacity constraints due to a lack of visibility into the capacity load for the 3-5 month horizon.


With o9, they have the unique capability to obtain full visibility for the supply chain on a single integrated cloud-native platform, increasing reaction time and ensuring an integrated, more feasible and executable plan.

Scenario Planning

The company was unable to conduct real-time scenario planning and could not evaluate the financial impact of scenarios. Furthermore, they lacked the ability to evaluate the supply chain supportability of the different scenarios.


With o9’s differentiated platform supported by the Enterprise Knowledge Graph, the company can now conduct scenario planning and evaluate the full P&L impact. This includes real-time supply chain supportability.



The o9 Enterprise Knowledge Graph is used to build market, supply and demand knowledge models, to run all key planning processes for all product lines and customers, across all time horizons in a single integrated platform. o9 leverages its open architecture to incorporate different forecasting techniques to manage different market demand patterns.





  1. o9’s highly differentiated Enterprise Knowledge Graph allows for intelligent planning across time horizons.
  2. Deep industry knowledge in the auto supplier industry, allowing for faster time to value.
  3. The ability to connect to additional sources of demand drivers within the company’s CRM.


  1. Significant improvement of forecast accuracy more consistent bias.
  2. A decrease in time spent by planners - e added.
  3. Increase in sales.