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The state of the auto industry and the shift to electric vehicles

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The automotive industry is experiencing a level of change not seen since Henry Ford revolutionized automotive production with the assembly line.

Since then, the industry has been dominated by the internal combustion engine (ICE). Today, ICE vehicles make up roughly 90% of all cars sold. But the remaining 10%, comprised chiefly of electric vehicles (EVs), is the cause of change. As recently as 2019, EVs represented only 2.5% of global car sales; three years later, that number almost quadrupled to 9%, with no signs of slowing down. Quite the opposite. Government pressure, consumer preferences, and corporate and environmental sustainability concerns have spiked interest in EVs.

The implications of this shift are massive. While there are numerous business, political, and socio-economic impacts to consider, this industry report explores the impact this shift to EVs has on the automotive supply chain and, more precisely, on the planning function within OEMs and suppliers

The shift to EVs at a glance
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