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Delivering value across industries with the o9 Digital Brain

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End-to-end planning increases Danone's ability to respond to market opportunities.
Reducing order-to-delivery with AI-powered demand planning
Reduction in product obsolescence with AI-powered Integrated Business Planning
Utilizing the Digital Brain to plan across intercurrency channels
Excellerating business growth with automated AI-based planning
Using AI supply planning to reduced CO2 emmissions from manufacturing downtime
Increasing inventory turns with AI powered integrated planning
Minimizing write-downs with key market indicators
Utilizing AI planning to manage high SKU company
Focused inventory management with AI powered supply planning
Improved speed to market with user-friendly AI planning
Optimized scenario planning and forecast accuracy with full visibility
Omnichannel optimization with AI enabled financial planning
Increased inventory granularity though aggregated and disaggregated capabilities
Increased customer satisfaction with Master Production Planning
Optimized inventory allocation with AI enabled planning
Increased margins through regional inventory management with AI enabbled integrated business planning
Reduction of inventory, logistic expedites, obsolescence, and waste
Optimizing the distribution network to maximize customer service while simultaneously reducing inventory, transportation and other supply chain related costs
Seamlessly orchestrating demand and supply from their suppliers to the store shelf
Driving forecast improvement by incorporating leading market indicators and next generation machine learning
Conducting AI enabled scenario planning across time horizons, with the ability to evaluate the full P&L impact (including supply chain supportability) in real time.
Project-pipeline driven demand and supply chain planning in BTO/CTO model synchronized on one platform
Improving forecast accuracy and real-time capacity planning with machine learning drivers on a unified AI platform
Connecting planning functions and processes to obtain full visibility of demand, supply and financial plans on a single common platform
Building accurate long range plans that incorporate market leading indicators, trends, market share and market size metrics
Improving plant capacity utlitization and customer on-time/in-full orders with AI enabled planning
Deployed digital supply chain control tower to detect and mitigate risks and respond to market opportunities in real-time
Optimizing buffer and wafer semiconductor planning in a highly volatile market to reduce waste, order expedites and over-production.
Reducing supply expedites, production distruptions, and customer order distruptions by enabling end to end predictive visibility
Providing a single layer of S&OP visibility and decision support across retail, wholesale and internet channels
Accelerating faster and better decisions across demand, supply, sales, and finance with on-system Integrated Business Planning
Driving forecast improvement by incorporating leading market indicators and next generation machine learning
Powering the 5G supply chain with AI enabled Integrated Business Planning
Building assortment strategies that optimze in-season and preseason plans to satisfy consumers at the store
Machine learning demand and replenishment planning to optimize new product launch, inventory and customer service
Optimizing pre-season and in-season plan execution with AI enabled planning
Proactively mitigating risks to serve the customer with end to end flow planning
Next generation supply planning and collaboration to optimize decision making and product flow
AI-powered demand planning "connects dots" and drives holistic planning capabilities
Connecting and synchronizing financial and supply chain plans to proactively manage the business and attain key objectives
International apparel and footwear brand deploys an AI Platform to transform end to end planning processes
Concurrent material and capacity constrained planning with supplier collaboration is driving higher availability in a volitile market
Driving rapid and informed fact-based decisions with on-system IBP and Control Tower
Digital supply chain control tower to detect and respond to short-term changes in real-time
Project-pipeline driven demand and supply chain planning in BTO/CTO model synchronized on one platform
Commercial, supply chain and finance on a single connected IBP platform with real-time scenarios
A global leader in the design, marketing and distribution of premium lifestyle products in five categories: apparel, accessories, home, fragrances, and hospitality.
AI/ML-powered store assortment, forecasting, & replenishment planning at scale