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Supply constraints: manage your multi-tier supply chain effectively

Session description

The industrial industry is under extreme pressure to perform in a market rife with raw material shortages, unreliable or non-existent data from second and third-tier suppliers, variable consumer demand, and long lead times. Seemingly minor disruptions can compound within this complex supply network create a bullwhip effect through the industrial value chain, disrupting the continuity of supply for industrial manufacturers.

While catastrophic events from Covid to extreme weather events to logistics network disruptions are impossible to predict, the effects are undeniable. Shifts in demand for travel, unrelenting semiconductor shortages, and new consumer consumption patterns and preferences are transforming the industry. However, it isn’t always going to be a historic upheaval that disrupts a supply chain. Manufacturers need to be resilient in the face of continued volatility and uncertainty to minimize the effects not only on their business but on their customers as well. There is a dawning realization that real-time management of a multi-tier supply chain is the key to success, and sensing risk and responding to disruption as early as possible is no longer a luxury but a necessity. This requires companies to rethink their approach to supplier collaboration and explore next-generation technology solutions to provide end-to-end visibility and efficiently orchestrate multi-tier supply networks.

Join Frank Stegherr, SVP of Supply Chain Management and Logistics at Schaeffler; Knut Alicke, Partner at McKinsey and Company; and Stephan De Barse EVP at o9 Solutions in their panel discussion to reflect on their vision on how to address those challenges.


Stephan de Barse, a member of aim10x Executive council and o9's Executive Vice President

Stephan de Barse

Executive Vice President – :o9 Solutions

Frank Stegherr

Dr. Frank Stegherr

Senior Vice President Supply Chain Management & Logistics – Schaeffler

Knut alicke.jpeg

Knut Alicke

Partner at McKinsey & Company