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Planning for recovery: Supply challenges facing discrete manufacturers

Session description

Raw material shortages and delays are grinding discrete supply chains to a halt. Across multiple verticals, companies are scrambling to identify where to source the materials required to build their products. The painful reality is that shelves are going empty and customers are angry. The need to act has never been greater.

On June 30th join Tobias Bloecher, Dirk Lembregts and Phillipe Wolff as they discuss the tactics they took in the face of supply chain disruption and learn how supply chain planners can succeed despite continuing and evolving volatility in the market.

Key Topics Discussed

  • Strategies to manage supply uncertainty: Reshoring/Near-Shoring, Dual Sourcing, Inventory Positioning, Supplier Collaboration, Smart Factory Investments
  • Tools to manage supply disruptions: Supply Chain Control Tower, Multi-tier Supply Collaboration, AI/ML Integrated Business Planning and Scenario Analysis


Dirk Lembregts

Dirk Lembregts

Former SC Executive General Motors, Philips and Marks & Spencer

Tobias bloecher

Tobias Bloecher

Director Global Supply Chain Management – Pepperl+Fuchs

Philippe wolff

Philippe Wolff

Director Industry Solutions at o9 solutions