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How to select your next-gen planning tool? With AB Inbev

Session description

Rolling out a new planning tool, enabling end-to-end supply chain capabilities, requires an enterprise-wide commitment. Across all time horizons, doing that globally requires a strong belief in the art of the possible. Bridging those together requires selecting the right technology and partners to convert vision into reality. Doing so will enable the enterprise to:

  • Bring together internal and external data to create new levels of insight;
  • Connect functions on a single platform that also connects throughout the upstream supply chain;
  • Explore the scenarios that evaluate what matters most to the business.

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Stephan de Barse, a member of aim10x Executive council and o9's Executive Vice President

Stephan de Barse

Executive Vice President – :o9 Solutions

Rodriguo rodriques

Rodrigo Rodrigues

Global Vice President, Logistics Planning & LCP – AB InBev