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Supply shortages, shipping crisis, policy changes and price pressure – How to manage the chemical supply chain through disruption?

Session description

For the last two years, the chemicals value chain has been facing unprecedented disruptions. From raw material sourcing and shipping to production and distribution, all organizations had to overcome many challenges. The worst part of the storm seems to have passed, but the ripple effect of the pandemic is pushing the chemicals industry into new uncharted waters.

On November 9th, join Tanguy Caillet – Senior Vice President of Industry Solutions at o9; Hezi Benzaken – Integrated Business Planning Manager at Adama; Bill Lam – Principal at Deloitte; Yasser Bin Sabir – Vice President, Head of CoE for Supply Chain and Procurement at Arlanxeo as they answer the following questions:

  1. What are the key takeaways from these disruptive times?
  2. What are we currently doing to best adapt to the post-pandemic dynamics? (e.g. unprecedented backlogs in the global shipping network; new consumption patterns; etc.)
  3. What are the most critical threats and opportunities on the horizon and how can we best prepare for them?

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