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Apac10webinar web cover
Apac10webinar web cover

On demand webinar

Learn how a Control Tower enables next-gen MRO

Session description

MRO plays a critical role in keeping equipment productive and reducing downtime. But having visibility of, planning, and getting the right materials, services, and resources to the right assets is no easy feat. Join this webinar as Vishal Agarwal, Head of Excellence, Inbound Supply Chain at BHP, Sanchay Roy, GM Manufacturing, Quality & Engineering at Shell, Schalk de Klerk, VP of Industry Solutions at o9, and Arun Manickam, Senior Presales Manager at o9, explore how Control Towers help upstream companies optimize their MRO, including:

  1. Building an end-to-end digital twin of the supply chain to enable the coordination of MRO-related downtimes, from short break-ins and scheduled maintenance to multi-week turnarounds.
  2. Dynamically setting build-ahead, build-late, and inventory policies around MRO activities, which can be driven by fixed (interval-based maintenance) or variable timing (condition-based or predictive-maintenance strategies).
  3. Modeling the complete financial impact of different maintenance strategy scenarios.
  4. Monitoring production-unit capacity degradation and speed loss to enable planners to optimize maintenance timing for cost and capacity, i.e., breaking in to replace furnace tubes to regain speed.
  5. Optimizing spare parts inventory globally based on known and probabilistic demand, predictive lead times, logistics, and import costs, and establishing equilibrium with timelines and cost-of-outage.


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