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Global Logistics Trends – Insights into Actions

Session description

Industrial manufacturers are currently making demand and supply plans that will determine the winners and losers in 2022 and beyond. They are making these decisions in the face of a paralyzing set of disruptions ranging from surging transportation costs, transit time variability, port congestion, labor shortages, evolving consumption patterns, trade flow shifts, inflation, and geopolitical uncertainty to name a few. But are the decisions they are making the right ones to move their businesses forward and maintain a competitive edge?

Join Phil Levy, Chief Economist at Flexport and Jason Clark, VP of Industry Solutions at o9 as they discuss:
What are the forces driving today’s supply chain disruptions?
What are some emerging logistics and trade data signals and more importantly how can they be turned into insights to better predict what is to come?
How do companies use these insights to make better supply and demand decisions in the near, mid, and long term?

Join the discussion with Flexport and o9 on November 16th at 12.30AM EST / 6.30PM CET.


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