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Aim10xglobal 2022 hubilo agenda cpg
Aim10xglobal 2022 hubilo agenda cpg

On demand webinar

Project Zebra: Reinventing Supply Chain from the Outside-In

Session description

Project Zebra is a consortium of thought leaders and practitioners that challenges traditional thinking, helping business leaders “unlearn” inside-out processes and transition to an outside-in planning approach. The problem is that there is no industry accepted definition of an outside-in process and the business value. The work of Project Zebra is attempting to close this gap. This panel, moderated by Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights, will share highlights of recent industry Project Zebra workshops, and provide perspectives from participants on their unlearning and definition of outside-in processes. The panel will also highlight plans with ASCM on how this new thinking will impact the SCOR model and an industry led RFP to test and learn the new planning paradigm.


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