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Aim10xglobal 2022 hubilo agenda cpg
Aim10xglobal 2022 hubilo agenda cpg

On demand webinar

Creating Post-Pandemic Resilience in the Fashion and Apparel Industry

Session description

The fashion and apparel industry may be facing a long road to recovery in a post-pandemic world. McKinsey Global Fashion Index projects that in an “optimistic” early stage recovery model, the fashion industry would return to 2019 activity levels in the Q3 of 2022. In a late stage recovery scenario, a 2019 activity level return would happen in Q4 of 2023.
In addition, this industry faces a complex global outlook that includes supply chain constraints, shifts in consumer buying behaviors, and increased pressure to incorporate sustainable practices into the manufacturing process. In this panel, industry thought leaders share insights on how the right technology can dramatically reduce complexity and improve efficiency through the value chain.


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