How to plan and make decisions during an energy crisis

Session description

Industrial manufacturers face economic uncertainty caused by successive disruptions to the global energy market. For example, the demand shock and resulting price increase associated with the easing of Covid restrictions, and the threat of fuel shortages caused by sanctions related to the Ukraine-Russia conflict, are causing significant supply-demand imbalances, especially in developing countries. To hear a first-hand perspective about how to battle the adverse effects of the energy crisis, join us as Mauro Salvi, VP of Supply Chain at Trelleborg Wheel Systems discusses:
-strategies for mitigating the impact of macroeconomic volatility;
-how scenario planning and integrated business planning can help businesses protect profitability and service levels.

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Mattia Testi

Sr. Account Executive, o9 Solutions


Mauro Salvi

VP Global Supply Chain, Trelleborg Wheel Systems