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“The Myth of the Perfect Moment” – Why now is the time to transition to a digital operating model for your revenue growth management capabilities

Session description

Not every organization has the advantage of having started in the market with a clean sheet in the last 10 years.

Most enterprises have long histories, they’re not digitally native organizations, and are often characterized by slow decision-making and siloed information which ultimately leads to suboptimal investment choices.

In these traditional operating models, growth opportunities are being left on the table.

Companies with a digital operating model are able to make decisions faster, winning market share by leveraging their information and insight advantage.

Despite this, the main barrier traditional companies face when thinking of embracing a true digital operating model, is the belief that they must wait for the “perfect moment” before getting started on their transition. This perfect moment is often characterized by expressions such as “our data isn’t ready yet.”

Our panel of experts, including digital growth transformation leaders from across the CPG industry, will demystify the journey. Hear them make the case for why you should start your transition towards a digital operating model now, to future proof your organization for the age of AI.


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