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Control Towers – keeping supply chain planning and execution in sync

Session description

APAC is home to some of the largest and most complex global supply chains in the world. Over the past 20 months, a series of supply disruptions across manufacturing and logistics coupled with substantial demand volatility has caused immense shortages for both business and retail consumers alike. The impact of this disruption has been so pervasive worldwide that it has even led to price inflation of many products.
This situation has exposed incumbent vulnerabilities in many of our value chains and highlighted the need for supply chain professionals to improve operations and drive their organizations towards a seamless integration between planning and execution. Leading organizations are turning towards control towers to enable the following:

  1. Sense and react when demand, production and/or supply chain disruptions occur.
  2. Analyse and predict supply chain constraints to proactively manage the supply chain.
  3. Incorporate E2E visibility into their short-term planning and decision making – from end consumer through to multi-tier suppliers.

Join Steve Bradley, Former CIO for Woolworths group and advisor to Walmart, Sanjay Kurup Sr. Director-Medical Segment Delivery Lead & Portfolio Management + Performance analytics leader-APAC at Johnson & Johnson and Jochum Reuter Vice President Strategic Alliances, FourKites on December 9th, 2021 as they talk through the following topics:

  1. What is a Control Tower?
  2. Where are the boundaries between planning and execution? S&OP vs. S&OE?
  3.  Why is logistic visibility so crucial and what will this enable you to accomplish from a planning perspective?
  4. Creating a culture around high-impact exception management.
  5. Ways to react with speed and resiliency.
  6. Changing the skills of planners.

Register now for this interactive panel discussion on December 9th at 09:00 CET / 16:00 which will conclude with a short demonstration of o9’s Control Tower capabilities and include a deeper dive into the o9 integration with FourKites led by o9 Pre-Sales Manager Quirin Regensburger.


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