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Chasing sustainable growth

Session description

Pressure from financial markets to achieve short-term bottom-line results coupled with the desire to chase profitable, sustainable top-line growth creates competing dynamics when CPG companies decide where, when and how much to invest their valuable resources. This tug-of-war can become value dilutive in an industry famous for its iconic brands and its almost personal connection to the end consumer. An emerging solution to this daunting problem might be shifting the strategic focus and planning process from one that is based only on Financial Targets to another that includes a Shopper Occasions Targets model.

But the question remains: How can a CPG company enable scalable, occasion-based growth whilst ensuring a healthy bottom-line that values a long-term brand strategy?

Key topics discussed

1. What is your overall impression about the topic? Do you believe this is a viable alternative to the current planning paradigm? If yes, what are the biggest issues you are facing?
2. How does the composition of your portfolio and structure of your organisation impact your ability to plan, build, and execute E2E, occasions-led growth strategy?
3. How does the data architecture of your company enable or block these efforts? What do you think needs to be done about data availability and quality?
4. What does your current commercial planning process look like? Do you see space and need for integration across Marketing, Finance, and Sales? What would be the value to unlock?
5. How do you see a platform like o9, with its strong data foundations and A.I. capabilities, potentially helping fill the gaps CPGs have to execute this?


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