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Apac webinar august website header
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Building a sustainable and resilient supply chain for a post COVID world

Session description

The COVID-19 pandemic caught most consumer goods organizations by surprise, offering very little opportunity to prepare and respond to the massive global supply chain disruptions. They struggled to adjust to massive demand shifts, volatile supply and limited visibility throughout their operations which were coupled with a lack of simulation capability to evaluate all scenarios in order to respond faster and avoid further. This pandemic has exposed the underlying vulnerabilities of the global supply chains chaos. The last 18 months have illustrated the importance of a well-functioning planning ecosystem.

The world has already weathered numerous waves of the pandemic with varying degrees of success. The world economy and supply chains have been battered and tested. However, the question still remains – Are companies truly prepared to face further adversity head on?

Join us on the 26th of August at 4:00pm (New Delhi), 12:30pm (Amsterdam), as Anand Darbhe – Managing Director and Partner at Accenture, Kedar Ulman – Chief Supply Chain Officer at Diageo, Ashok Kumar – Head of Supply Chain at Britannia, Pallavi Wad – Head Product Supply Organisation at Godrej Consumer Products, Sandeep Baxla – Sr. Vice President at Indofil Industries Limited, and Jayaraman Krishnamurthy – Head of Industry Solutions at o9 Solutions tackle questions such as:

1. How prepared are our supply chains for the next wave?
2. What contributes most to the sustainability of our supply chains?
3. Which critical factors required in building supply chains add to the resilience, so that organizations are better prepared for a post covid world?


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