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Webinar detail featured image
Webinar detail featured image
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On demand webinar

Bionic Supply Chain: How to make it real during the pandemic?

Session description

The supply chain of manufacturing companies has never been more complex. Massive demand shifts, volatile supply and high uncertainty on outlooks show the need for increased transparency, ability to simulate and evaluate scenarios and to respond fast to disruption. Multi-tiered supply chains, IoT and digital sensors adoption make it more challenging to gain real-time end-to-end visibility.

Manufacturers need to future-proof capabilities to respond to customers’ ever-changing demands at optimal costs. These include high-frequency data signals (e.g. external market drivers), cross-functional and multi-tier digital collaboration, machine-learning demand forecasting, transparent AI recommendations and real-time scenario operational and financial planning,

In this webinar, o9 and BCG will discuss the specific challenges that CPG and discrete manufacturers (agricultural, construction, and automotive equipment) face.
They will share how leaders have made the Bionic Supply Chain happen, enabling the transformation via new agile ‘ways of working’, deep data sciences skills, flexible and scalable technology architecture, advanced analytics and a powerful platform (knowledge, learning, analytics, and planning).

After a short demonstration of what state-of-the-art ML demand forecasting and scenario planning look like for CPG and discrete manufacturers respectively, we will as always open up to the audience for questions & answers.


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