On demand webinar

Smarter demand predictions for the discrete manufacturing industry

Session description

Machine-learning (ML) techniques have revolutionized the way companies predict demand. But this is not reserved for the consumer industry. B2B companies can similarly benefit from better predictive models that are able to leverage much more data, including external data. In this session, we will explore examples of industrial companies that are deploying ML forecasting, discuss the type of data that help provide a better prediction, and exchange best practices.

Key Topics Discussed

  • What is ML forecasting?
  • What additional data typically helps increase the forecast accuracy?
  • Industry examples
  • Where is it best used?
  • Special use case: Predicting aftermarket demand


Dr. Christoph Kilger

Dr. Christoph Kilger

Co-CEO and co-founder, aioneers GmbH

Patrick Lemoine

Vice President Product Marketing und Industry :o9 Solutions