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Cpg3 webinar sept website header (1)

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Advice from Supply Chain Leaders: Devising Vertical Digital Transformation Strategies

Session description

Digital supply chain transformation is necessary for any organization that wants to be profitable, resilient, and responsive. However, not all industries are created equal, nor are their challenges. In fact, a recent Gartner report suggests creating a concept specific to your industry vision and collaborating with cross functional teams to realize the vision is the only way to succeed.

On September 21st, 2021 join senior executives from Bowery Farming, Tonal, and o9 to get greater clarity into how to formulate your vision and build a bulletproof digital transformation strategy.

You’ll hear from Philippe Lambotte, VP of Logistics and Field Operations at Tonal, Colin Nelson, EVP & Chief Supply Chain Officer at Bowery Farming, and Chakri Gottemukala, CEO and Founder of o9 Solutions as they dive into topics such as:

  1. What learnings and principles are transferable across industries and which need to be tailored to fit specific vertical challenges?
  2. Why is the adoption of digital models gaining so much speed now, and what use cases are they solving?
  3. What benefits can an organization expect to achieve from their investment?


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